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Bright Antarctic sunFebruary 11th, 2013

If you’ve been reading some of my previous posts about my trip to Antarctica you’ll know that the weather was a little disappointing while I was there. Not necessarily in the way you’re probably imagining. Let me explain…

For the entire duration of our trip we’ve had mostly blue skies and bright sunshine. Which normally should be great, but when you’re traveling to Antarctica, a part of you really expects drama when it comes to weather. You’re expecting heavy seas while you’re crossing the Drake Passage (considered one of the worst places on Earth to sail through). You’re expecting low hanging clouds that make everything look moody and forbidden. You’re expecting to pay some sort of price for being allowed to reach such a remote place.

We got almost none of that, but when you do a lot of travel photography you learn to go with the flow and do the best with what Mother Nature has on offer. So that’s what we did, shooting mostly against the sun, embracing the flares the sun was throwing at us and being happy the light was reflected everywhere because of everything being so white.

Shot with NIKON D800 | 24mm | ƒ/22

  • Bjorn Moerman

    Like the scale the little house adds. Good one!

  • Mute

    Lovely, is there somewhere I can apply for the job of living in that cabin?

  • faisal

    wow. just noticed that small cabin. Great sense of scale!

  • Catalin

    Thanks Bjorn! You’re right, the cabin makes the shot…

  • Catalin

    Maybe the Argentinian navy or the British Antarctic Survey. It might get a bit depressing in the winter though…

  • Catalin

    Thanks! I think scale was the most difficult thing to convey in Antarctica. Because there is not much of a human element.

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