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My favourite shots of 2012December 28th, 2012

Although I cannot believe it’s already the end of 2012, it’s now time for my usual end of the year post in which I select my favourite image from each month of this year and group them all in one post. Each image is also linked to the original post so you can read more about it or just check out the original.

As usual, some months had more images than others and I had a couple of images that I would have definitely selected if it would be a top of the best images overall. But as always I really try to blog good images throughout the year and this way of doing the top pushes me in that direction. And if you’ve enjoyed the images and travel stories this year, a vote in the photoblog awards is always appreciated. Your votes last year, helped me win the best photoblog for Asia and Oceania.

2012 has been a really good year for photography, a year in which I managed to make a couple of photographic dreams come true. I started the year with an awesome street photography weekend in India and then went to see and photograph the Northern Lights in the North of Norway. In the summer I visited Madagascar, an island I always wanted to see and came out with some really interesting photographs. The year finished with an epic trip to Argentina and Antarctica during which I learnt a lot and discovered that I really like long exposure images. In between all this, I redesigned my portfolio website and had a lot of  cool photography assignments.

2013 is already looking like a great year and I’m hoping it will be the year in which I’ll start sharing some of these travel photography experiences with some of you as I gear up for a couple of travel photography workshops later in the year.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re having a great time and you’re planning an awesome 2013!

January – Daily life


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March – Tromso


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May – Tiny model


June – The man, the sun and the bird


July – Padrao dos Descobrimentos


August – The Baobab Avenue #1


September – Malagasy smile


October – In between giants


November – The end of the world


December – Petermann Island


Upcoming workshops

Travel photography workshop - Iceland - Northern Lights

As the year is coming to an end, the planning for next year is in full swing and it looks like it will be a busy one. There will be a lot of traveling to some new places, with quite a few more photography tours and adventures being confirmed. As you can imagine, organizing a photography tour...

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Commercial work

Just doing traveling photography does not always pay for the rent so here is a look at the other side of my photography. I am an award-winning commercial and corporate photographer based in Dubai, UAE, specializing in architectural and interior photography as well as corporate and environmental portraits.

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