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Framing the doorApril 11th, 2012

Since I have been thinking (and planning) about the group travel photography workshops that I would like to organize in various interesting locations around the region, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Iran as being one of these locations. It’s such an interesting place with so much to offer from a photography point of view that I’m sure many people would be interested in coming along for a few days. However, Iran is probably one of the more difficult locations to organize as I’m not quite sure how 8-10 people with big cameras in hand would be received there. Although, you never know… A few months ago when I was in Esfahan, I did come across a group of about 6-7 students (all girls), photographing in the souk areas using a variety of big, small, old or new cameras. If any of you knows about photography clubs in Shiraz or Esfahan I would love to know more about it.

While we’re on the Iran subject, I’ve been meaning to post this image for a while now as I really like the way this door is framed by all the traditional Iranian tiles decorated with beautiful calligraphy. I shot this in Esfahan in the Imam Square and a I believe it was one of the entrances to the Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque which I’ve posted a photo of a while ago.

Shot with NIKON D300S | 29mm | ƒ/5.6

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