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Tokyo at night #1May 28th, 2015

With all my recent travels and shoots, I’ve hardly had enough time to edit the images I shot in Tokyo. Since the aim of the trip to Japan was mostly Hokkaido, the Tokyo photographs feel a bit like orphans.

To change that, I started with a few of the images I photographed from my hotel room and the first one I will post is this dramatic view of the busy Tokyo skyline with the Tokyo Tower as the main attraction. You might be forgiven for thinking this might be the Eiffel Tower, but in reality it was simply inspired by the famous French landmark. It’s almost the same height as the Eiffel Tower, but in daylight it looks quite different as it’s brightly painted white and orange.

Shot with NIKON D800 | 24mm | ƒ/8

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Deception Island May 25th, 2015

First of all, I just came back from my two days spent in Pakistan running a couple of photography workshops for Nikon Middle East and I wanted to thank everybody that participated - we had over 300 people at each event and a lot of enthusiasm. As for the image above, I needed to look throu...

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Who’s in control? May 24th, 2015

As I'm in Pakistan for a very short amount of time doing a couple of talks for Nikon School in Lahore and Karachi, I'm not really able to go outside and photograph much. My only snaps so far have been taken from a moving car with my phone - not necessarily blogging material, but great for

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When time becomes a loop #6 May 19th, 2015

Iceland is one of those places where it's really difficult to make a bad landscape photograph. Pretty much everywhere you look there's a "postcard" moment and it was the same on this really gloomy looking evening (the photograph was made at 10pm) when the weather was really not that great. It ...

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Upcoming workshops

Travel photography workshop - Iceland - Northern Lights

As the year is coming to an end, the planning for next year is in full swing and it looks like it will be a busy one. There will be a lot of traveling to some new places, with quite a few more photography tours and adventures being confirmed. As you can imagine, organizing a photography tour...

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Random posts from the past

Shooting stars

On Friday night, probably most photographers based in Dubai were out and about in the UAE deserts, setting up to photograph the much-hyped Camelopardalids meteor shower. I've read at least a couple of very misinformed articles in the local press about how this was guaranteed to be the best thing since sliced bread and ...

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Commercial work

Just doing traveling photography does not always pay for the rent so here is a look at the other side of my photography. I am an award-winning commercial and corporate photographer based in Dubai, UAE, specializing in architectural and interior photography as well as corporate and environmental portraits.

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