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Charyn CanyonJuly 25th, 2016

Continuing with some of the images I shot in Kazakhstan, this was made during a day trip from Almaty to the Charyn Canyon. It’s a bit of a drive (close to 4 hours), but definitely worth it as the canyon is spectacular.

Unfortunately, as you can see from this photograph, heavy clouds started to gather towards the end of our time there and the skies opened up about 5 minutes before getting back to the car. And when I say open up, I mean torrential rain that meant we were soaked for the trip back to Almaty.

Shot with X-T2 | 1/450s | 55mm | ƒ/4 | ISO200

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Fuji XT-2 July 24th, 2016

If you've been following my blog for a long time, you'll know I'm not big into reviewing gear. Most of the times, I'm not an early adopter and I tend to stick for quite a while with the gear that I like. I'm also not a "pixel peeper" - I think composition and the feel of your images are much mo...

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Kazakh Eli July 19th, 2016

I was planning on blogging quite a bit more over the last few days, but the people at Adobe thought it was a good idea to cut my access to the Creative Cloud software (Photoshop, Lightroom etc.) because they had an issue with their system - it took 15 days to get it solved and only after really...

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Nine years! July 14th, 2016

Every year on the 14th of July I tend to look back through my blog as that's the date I started it in 2007. Before that, the site was more of a gallery of images and when I decided to start blogging, I didn't really know what to expect from it. Well, nine years later, it's become almost a ritua...

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Upcoming workshops

Madagascar 2016

If you follow this blog for a while, you'll know I travel quite a bit to many "off the beaten track" destinations. Also, you'll probably know that Madagascar is one of my favourite places in the world and after going there in 2013, leading a group of photographers for 10 days, it's time for ano...

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Marine tours

I had a great weekend of shooting almost non stop for a couple of very different clients. The skies were nice and blue and I managed to get quite a lot of good shots, some of which I will share with you in the next few weeks. I shot the photograph below on the shore of the Dubai Creek while taking a break from photogra...

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Commercial work

Just doing traveling photography does not always pay for the rent so here is a look at the other side of my photography. I am an award-winning commercial and corporate photographer based in Dubai, UAE, specializing in architectural and interior photography as well as corporate and environmental portraits.

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